A Labor-Saving Solution for Nurses 

Wound care on limbs, hands and feet by nurses or other caregivers often requires assistance from a colleague.  This nurse-designed support provides a single-caregiver solution for stabilizing a patient’s limb for wound care. 


The lightweight design is organized as three Velcro-attached parts to  

quickly vary the elevation of a limb, supporting it on a bed, at the bedside,  

or aside a chair. The Rogers Limb Support is made out of a Urethane  

foam, favored by hospitals for its structural and water resistant properties.  

It is further protected with a vinyl coating for ease of cleaning, and added  

water resistance. At the patient contact site, a specially molded cradle  

supports the limb, enabling wound access while providing a comfortable  

setting for the patient while care is provided. Together these features  

provide a simple, versatile solution to nurses and other caregivers providing 

wound care in various healthcare settings.  

Diverse Uses 

Three modules of the device can be separated by Velcro detachment. (A.) Single top module cradles arm of  patient in bed. (B.) Single top module cradles leg of patient in bed. (C.) Additional module further elevates  limb to one of two different levels using middle or bottom module of different heights. (D.) Full-height device using all three modules elevates a limb from the floor, from the bedside or a chair.  

Sterilization Between Uses

The vinyl covering is readily cleaned and  

sterilized by alcohol-based or non-alcohol 

based wipes used widely in hospital, senior  

care, and home care settings.  

 *U.S. Patent Pending