Rogers Limb Support

Colleen Rogers, RN, is the inventor of the Rogers Limb Support. The idea came to her when she experienced herself and colleagues struggling while tending to patient wounds alone. It often takes two or more nurses to care for lower limbs on a patient. With the help of the Rogers Limb Support Devices, nurses are able to work without a second nurse assistant, to focus more on their individual patients and to have a quicker turnaround time when tending to wounds.

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The Rogers Limb Support Device is a simple yet essential item for nurses everywhere. You can order our Limb Support Devices now to show your support for your frontline workers.

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ILD Urethans is favored by hospitals for its structural properties. This light weight foam is easy to clean, soft and padded to the touch, and remains water resistant even without a vinyl coating.






The simple form has been designed to fit different size limbs and height adjustments. By providing for varying heights, caregivers are able to tend to the patients, while keeping them comfortable at all times.


This device has been designed to be a quick and easy solution to aid in limb support. It can be used on lower, as well as upper limbs to assist caregivers when tending to patient wounds and injuries.