Nerve Injury Prevention Device (NIPD)

Boris Aronzon, MD, is the Inventor of the Nerve Injury Prevention Device. The device was designed to prevent nerve injury that may occur during Robotics surgery. Nerve injury has become a growing concern during Robotic surgeries as they become more common. During these lengthy procedures, IV lines can become a concern. Due to the placement of the small lines during surgery, the risk of suffering from life long nerve damage after surgery is increased.

Dr. Aronzon invented the Nerve Injury Prevention Device in order to help protect patients and to decrease the chances of unnecessary nerve injury.


Decrease the risk of Nerve Injury at your facility. To learn how to purchase the NIPD for your hospital, clinic, or residency click the link below.

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Nerve Injury Prevention Device (NIPD)


The Nerve Injury Protection Device is made from silicone foam. Not only is it hypo-allergenic, it is fluid proof and soft enough to be worn on the body for extended periods.


The overlapping within the shape allows for the device to stay closed during procedures, while still being able to open to allow for IV tube to slide in.


The unique shape of the NIPD was designed to easily hold multiple IV tubes at one time during robotic surgeries. This cushioning prevents IV lines from pinching a patient’s skin and nerves and organizes the lines from becoming tangled.