Rogers Limb Support


The Rogers Limb Support functions as a versatile limb elevation device, incorporating a lightweight hypoallergenic foam core and a water-resistant coating to provide an optimal solution for enhancing limb support and enhancing wound dressing procedures.

Whats included:
3 Interlocking interchangeable foam blocks
1 Carry travel bag
1 Instruction manuel

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In 2022-2023, we collaborated with Mainline Health’s wound care nurses unveiled insights into our innovative limb support approach. Through an extended period of time, we allowed nurses to engage with the device and use the Rogers Limb Support device in their everyday practices. Doing so allowed us to optimize the design and discover how this new way of limb-lift enhances patient safety and comfort, streamlines wound dressing by reducing staff, and mitigate caregiver injuries.

Hospitals prefer ILD polyurethane foam due to its exceptional structural qualities, which makes it the perfect solution for supporting limbs we tending to wounds. This lightweight foam offers ease of maintenance, a gentle and cushioned tactile experience, and maintains water resistance even without a vinyl coating.

Our simple form has been designed to fit different sized limbs and is easily height adjustable for comfort. The construction of the Rogers Limb Support makes it easily operated by a single individual; thus increasing staff utilization, efficiencies and deployment.

Depending on purchase order size orders can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to arrive. Lankenau Ventures will contact you with updates on your order.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions34 × 22.5 × 57 cm


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